Cycle USA For Jameson!

Hands For Baby Jameson Cycle USA  has officially begun!

Send off party for Hector Picard from Miami, FL Sat. June 8th

Send off party for Hector Picard from Miami, FL Sat. June 8th

Saturday, June 8th, Hector Picard, left at 8am setting out on his 3200 mile cross-country bicycle ride from Miami, Florida to our home here in Spokane, Washington!

For those of you that have not heard about this yet, Hector Picard is a double arm amputee himself.

On March 31, 1992, an electrical accident at work sent 13,000 volts through him. He awoke from a coma four weeks later with burns on his body and his arms amputated — his entire right arm and half of his left arm, this is all from his website, Hector has since become a motivational speaker and supporter of people facing difficulties in their lives whether if be from a disability or just plain down on their luck. “I want everyone to know that no adversity is too great when you embrace life through hard work and positive thinking, you will overcome anything,” Hector said.

Not only is Hector an incredible motivational speaker and Good Samaritan, he became the very first double arm amputee Ironman x3! If you can believe this: Hector’s wife talked him out of swimming from Cuba to Key West and decided that he would settle on biking across the ENTIRE USA!

Calling his little bicycle ride Hands For Baby Jameson Cycle USA. Hector has three goals in mind for this ride:

  1. To raise $32,000 for Jameson’s future prosthetics
  2. To make it across the US on his bicycle (without hands)
  3. And to meet Jameson for the first time showing him that ANYTHING is possible

The ride will take Hector through 13 states, he will encounter steep terrain and every kind of weather condition you can think of. He plans on stopping along the way to solicit donations while giving speeches in order to reach the $32.000 goal.

In addition to his fundraising efforts for Jameson, Hector Picard wants to raise awareness for people with disabilities and show that a person can still live life to the fullest despite disability.
A truly amazing man and we are very excited to welcome him to our home on July 13th!!!!