Jackson- is 9 Months old!

Nine Months already!image

Jackson Gene

  • Blonde hair with blue eyes
  • Sleeps in his own room and crib finally!
  • weighs about 20 lbs


  • Has only two teeth( his brother had 5 by this age)
  • Smiles and laughs all the time😃 Probably to show off his two dimples!
  • Crawls backwards but is trying to go the right wayimage
  • Is a great sitter
  • Loves the Excersaucer
  • Eats a variety of solid foods and breastmilk


  • Thinks his big brother is the coolest!
  • Says dada and mama
  • Loves his doggies



Overall Jack, is doing fantastic! He has such an easy going personality, a sweet disposition, and is kinda a mama’s boy but loves everyone!


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