Needing New Hands Already?

Jameson, my precious little cutie patootie!

Jameson, my precious little boy!

My husband Jim and I were a little shocked the other day when Jameson’s prosthesis would not fit. Gosh, already? It was a little unexpected that our little guy out grew his first set of passive arms so quickly. Yes, kids grow fast, but goodness we’ve got a wild weed here! I guess I should not be surprised because he has worn size 12 month clothing since about 9 1/2 months. We just thought for sure he would be in this set of arms until the fall. Keeping up with his wear schedule at this point is pretty crucial in the whole process of learning how to use the prosthesis, adjust to them, and tolerate them. This process will get him ready for his really important next set, his myoelectric “hands”. Ideally, he will be ready for the myos at 18 months.

Luckily, we have been scheduled right away for the next available appointment at our prosthetic company Advanced Arm Dynamics. We leave this next week. Of coarse, they were wonderful and said not too worry they will adjust the prosthesis and get Jameson back on track! This major growth spurt was not at all a shock to AAD. I on the other hand, am still a little surprised. Or maybe I am in a little bit of denial, I want my baby to stay a baby. Don’t all mothers want that?!

My other concern is that he is probably going to need a lot more prosthesis than we originally expected.

A major question now is this: just how many sets is he going to need? Jameson is a growing boy and a fast one at that. Looks like we’ve got a long journey ahead of us with fittings, fund-raising, and faith that we will be able to provide our son with what he needs to lead a more normal life.


High Fives And a Thousand Hearts Fund Raiser

tuckered out

11pm and all tuckered out. But still has his tie on:)

Last Saturday we were so blessed to attend the High Fives And a Thousand Hearts For Jameson Fund Raiser! Of coarse Jameson was the guest of honor and made it until 11pm:) Pretty good for a 10 month old who usually goes to bed at 8!

This event was put together by Michele Kelly, a very considerate and loving woman who, out of the kindness of her heart, donated this evening to Jameson. Originally, this was a prize that Michele had won and was going to celebrate with her friends, family, and colleagues. Instead, after recently finding out about our story she decided to give up her night and make it an occasion to help raise money for a baby and a family she didn’t even know.

Located at a local event and catering company, those in attendance enjoyed live music, dancing, catered food, drinks, meeting new friends, and lots of amazing raffle prizes! Each prize was donated by very generous and kind people from around our area. Thank you to all that donated, you are awesome!!!


Callin out raffles!

If that wasn’t enough, we were amazed to meet a new friend and fellow congenital amputee Carrie Davis. Carrie brought new information to us about Hanger (a prosthetic company here in our town). Jameson was offered future services to their clinic and presented a wonderful opportunity to attend Camp No Limits. An amazing summer camp for kids with limb loss or differences. The camp offers support, mentorship, and education to the kids and their families, to learn more click the link above:) Pretty cool stuff!

Carrie holding Jameson, she was wearing a prosthesis on her left arm

Carrie holding Jameson, she was wearing a prosthesis on her left arm

Michele worked very hard on this and overall raised $1,530.00!!! Yay thank you Michele. I would say that the fund-raiser was a great success in many ways! And thank you again to everyone that participated, donated, and came out to support!

Cake pops at the event wtih Jameson on them

Cake pops at the event with Jameson on them

Michele and I

Michele and I


High Fives All Around!

High Fives All Around!

Jameson is 10 Months Old!

Well, tomorrow anyway!

Jameson at 10 months

  • Has 6 teeth! Wow and they are sharp
  • Loves to use those teeth to bite ANYTHING, including me
  • Is crawling (in his own baby turtle way) and is very quick
  • Kicks his feet like crazy, will be fun to see him in the pool this summer!
  • Wants to play with anything he is not supposed to
  • Favorite non-toys: jewelry, strings on your sweatshirt, Tupperware
  • Loves his doggies, he giggles non stop when he pets them with his feet!
  • Weighs 20 lbs and is 2’5″ tall
  • Wears his prosthesis everyday about 3x a day
  • Flew in an airplane for the first time last week!
  • Sleeps through the night finally. Well, he has since about 7 months, but it is worth mentioning!
  • Eats crackers and snacks all by himself, still trying to figure out how to help him use the spoon though
  • Loves all kinds of food (thank goodness we don’t have a picky eater) yay!
  • Has a real fascination with ducks or yellow birds. He lights up and squeals when he sees them, it’s quite funny
  • Favorite song we sing to him: “Rubber Ducky”
  • Takes 2 naps a day (I will be sad when he gives those up)
  • Still loves stroller and baby backpack rides
  • We think he may be left-“handed” which is weird to me for some reason, maybe because no one else is:) But very cool indeed!
  • Words: Dada, mama, dog dog (I think) and a whole lot of some other language that sounds kinda like Russian.
  • Smiles all the time, Jameson is a very happy little guy!

10 months

Hanging Out With Momma!

Jameson is getting really good at crawling in his own way! In fact, this is all he wants to do all day. He knows he is Jameson now and we try to get him to come to us when we call his name. Before he would just ignore us and go the other way, silly boy. Last night we practiced his “come here”on mommy and daddy’s bed. It was so cute!crawling 1

crawling 2

crawling 3crawling 4

crawling 5

crawling 6