Hello my name is Brooke Davis. This blog is all about my family and how we are raising our child with special needs. My husband Jim Davis and I welcomed our first baby, a son named Jameson born April 12th 2012.  Jameson is a bilateral trans-radial congenital amputee. This means he was born with no forearms or hands.  We were told before his birth that he may have a serious life threatening syndrome and we may want to consider ending this pregnancy, I was 23 weeks along. I knew that he was special already and I refused to terminate my child. Five months later I gave birth to a very healthy 6lb 13oz baby boy. Thankfully, Jameson does not have health issues or syndromes, this was an unfortunate fluke accident isolated to his lower arms, however, there are many challenges he will face. We may never know why this happened, but we do know that he is our beautiful son and we would never have him any other way!Jameson 3 days old


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  1. Live you buddy it is too long for us to talk! Anything I can do to help please let me know. God works in mysterious ways. Your son is beautiful and deserves the healthiest happiest life. Take care my friend we will talk soon! My thoughts and prayers are you and your family.


  2. We are connected. My daughter, Jameson Cruz, was also born April 12, 2012!

    God does work in mysterious ways. He also does not give you more than you can handle, so I know that Jameson is in good, loving hands.

    Congratulations on your very precious son. I will try to help spread the word on my daughter’s blog and twitter, jamesonbcruz.blogspot.com @jamesonbcruz.


  3. My wife and I have a seven month old with the same issues your son has. We are going to the Shriners in January for her first prosthetics. We live in Nashville, TN and have been looking for anyone going through the same thing as us. As you know it is hard to find anyone with bilateral below elbow deficiencies. My name is Martin Sauvie and my wife is Jennifer. We would love to become friends on facebook.


    • Hi Martin,

      So good to hear from you! Of course we would love to be facebook friends! Wow, I am so glad you found us and would love to hear your story too. One of the main reason’s I started this blog was to find others like us and build a support system for all children going through this:)

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      • Hello, My sister and her husband are now 21 weeks along and recently found out that their son will be born without hands as well, We live in Indianapolis, IN. I am wanting to help and hoping you could answer a few questions if you wouldn’t mind. I will message you my email address on facebook, as I am completely unfamilar with how Blogs work.


  4. What a beautiful family. I shared your blog on my facebook page. We’re running your story on our news tonight. I hope it helps.


  5. My name is Danny Whitlock and I live in Jefferson, South Dakota. I was born missing my right arm just below the elbow. I have worn prosthetic since the second grade and just received my first myoelectric prosthetic arm in June of last year, and I just turned 62 years old. Please don’t take this wrong, but if anyone was going to be born with this type of physical limb difference, this is the best possible time for it to happen. The new prosthetic devices are so much improved over the older ones there is no comparison. My past prosthesis were all mechanical, cable operated, arms with hook attachments, and at the time they were a large advantage over not having anything, but now that I have my new myoelectric prosthesis, I realize the limitations that those old devises had. If you ever have any questions about prosthetic devices or just about some of the issues your son might face as he continues on this journey we call life. I would be happy to give you my thoughts. I don’t claim to be an expert on all of this, and my situation is not exactly the same, but if I can help with anything just let me know. Also be sure to tell him that no matter what any of the other kids say when he gets older, young children can be kind of insensitive sometimes, he can go on to live a very productive and fulfilling life. I graduated from a community college with an associate of applied science degree in mechanical drafting, worked for over 40 years as a mechanical drafter, industrial plant drafter/designer, and have been teaching architectural drafting at a community college for the last ten years. And in the beginning, back before we had computer drafting systems, the instructors at that community college asked me if I thought I could draw with the drafting instruments available then, and I said I didn’t know because I had never tried. Good luck and God bless you and little Jameson.

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  6. my name is Sherman Lee, after I was in an accident in 2007 my left arm from elbow down was 100% paralized. I was inspired by a man from australia Nick Vujicic. he was born without any limbs, his non-profit org is Life Without Limbs.org he travels the world not just preaching but inspireing. please check him out either on you tube or get hold of one of his videos if you wish I can send a copy to you. you can email me. Jameson has a huge future ahead of him. my way of getting through this is comedy, and I incourage that cause I have fun with it sometimes and the only feedback I get when I do is “you have a wonderfull attitude”. is it always there? no it’s not but I try as much as I can.

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  7. Hi, I just saw your story on The Doctors! I just had a little girl on 10/12/12 who was born without her left hand. It was a complete shock to us and wasn’t found on my 20 week ultrasound. I honestly never realized it happened, but since then I have learned so much about limb differences. I have also found many support groups online/ facebook. I know that talking to others and seeing how well other children with limb differences do has helped me. Jameson is beautiful and perfect! I plan on following your blog and seeing all the amazing things Jameson does!

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  8. My wife and I just watched your segment on The Doctors and were amazed at how similar your son is to our son! Our son, Caleb, was born in December 2010 with significant limb malformations (something in each limb), including missing bones, short bones, fused bones, and mis-alignment of joints. If you would ever like to discuss anything related to their similar issues, please let me know via email (jkbreuer@gmail.com). I would love to share our story with you, if you would like to hear it.

    Caleb amazes us with his abilities every single day and we are so proud of his ever-growing list of achievements. There is nothing that he (and your son) can’t do when they put their minds to it. Good luck with everything! God bless!

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  9. Hello. My name is Alvin Law and I was born without arms. I am 52 years old, married, am a dad and own a speaking business that has taken me to every corner of the planet and I have many followers. One of them sent me a note about your recent appearance on The Doctors and I wanted to reach out. We would love to connect and assist in any way we can but don’t want to intrude so please check out my website at http://www.alvinlaw.com and if you like, send us an email to let us know how you feel. I am a foot user but every person has their preference. Still, would love to chat, maybe even meet sometime. Your call. I just wish the best for all of you as clearly their will be obstacles but I am living proof that nothing is impossible.
    Alvin Law.

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  10. Your son is adorable! I just want to say you are one terrific mommy and daddy!
    I do not have any special needs children but I just was brought to tears reading your blog and learning all about your family. Life is a gift and we love our children and fight for them…no matter what obstacles we may face. Truly you have the right attitude and the can do spirit. We need more parents like you to encourage others….!! God Bless you and your sweet and amazing baby boy! Love from Ohio!

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  11. Please contact the Shriners. They have a network of over twenty hospital in the US that provide orthopedic medical care and prostheses up to age eighteen. You do not need insurance. This is a philanthropic organization. There is a hospital in Portland – 503-241-5090. Call them and they will be happy to assist you. My husband has been a Shriner for many years and drives patients from South Florida to the fantastic hospital in Tampa. Good luck to you.


  12. Is there any way someone from the Davis family could reach out to me ASAP? I have a close friend who is 21 weeks along and just found out her son will have no left arm, and his right arm will only be down to his elbow. She knows it’ll be an obstacle — another one after she beat breast cancer and had a bilateral mastectomy over the last two years (she’s only 32). Being able to speak over the phone or Skype/Facetime with this family could really help my friend and her husband see that things might not be easy, but it’ll all be worth it. Thank you!!! kyla.campbell@coxinc.com, kylacampbell@hotmail.com


  13. Hi,

    I was wondering if you have contacted the Shrine Hospital in Spokane to find out what they can do for you? My dad is a Shriner and he said that the Shriners are able to help with getting the much needed prosthetics for free.


  14. hi,

    i would like to make a few ”unusual” suggestions on further fund raising.

    1) asking donations from the current PowerBall winner (Gloria MacKenzie from Zephyrhills, Florida) as well as future PowerBall or major lottery winners.

    2) Writing to The Ellen Show (ellentv.com) since the show has helped so many people financially all these years.

    3) your local church


    the above link may help as it’s an article on 2 men coming up with very affordable prosthetic hands


  15. Hi Brooke! Wondering if you would be willing to chat with me…We are working on my sons second prosthesis right now and I have a ton of questions for you! My son is also above the elbow…


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