Jameson At 20 Months

20 Monthsimage

Jameson is:

  • Busy!
  • A happy little boy who is always laughing and smiling (but of course still has his toddler moments)image
  • Learning parts of the body-he can point to and say: eye, eyelash, nose, ear, mouth, belly button, and feet
  • Very sweet, loves giving hugs and kisses
  • Super friendly, not shy at allimageimage
  • Can count to 3 🙂
  • Talkative; newest words(besides above)- string cheese, please, thank you, buh bye, night night, baby, help me, ho ho ho cause that’s what Santa says, and he can tell you when asked what various animals say!image
  • Amazing at using his short arms (picks pieces of thread off of the floor and can screw bottle caps off and on)!
  • Wearing his new Myo’s everyday for a little bit and knows that he does not have to wear them if he does not want to (while they are on it’s always fun and games and very positive)image
  • Silly, likes to fake laugh to get others to laugh!
  • Very well-behaved in the Church nursery!
  • Into books
  • Eating finger foods and drinking from his cup all by himself without prosthesisimage
  • Going to be tall (we think) already wears 2T !!
  • Such a joy to be around! We are blessed!imageimage

Here They Are: Jameson’s 1st Myo’s

Jameson now has his finished set of Myo’s!


I think I mentioned in my last post that we had to leave Advanced Arm Dynamics before the Myoelectric prosthetics were finalized. It took a little bit longer than originally planned to receive the arms, but it was well worth the wait! His new prosthesis are obviously far more advanced than his passive’s, therefore more time was needed in the final building process.

Here they are!

To complete the finished look, Jim and I were in charge of what the pattern/color would be. Interestingly enough, they use fabric for this process and note: there was not a handy catalog from which to choose from.

Luckily, before getting too overwhelmed, we stumbled upon an awesome thrift store find that worked with our vision! Overall, they turned out great and we could not be happier.

Jameson is indifferent of coarse, but someday he will appreciate all of this, I hope!imageimageimageimage