The Need For His Hands

As some of you know, we have been in the media a little bit lately! We are telling our story and the need for Jameson’s prosthesis. We have received so much positive feedback which has been wonderful! But, I am finding out, that there are a few negative Nelly’s or Nancy’s, or whatever you call them. Some people are judging our decision to have our baby fitted for prosthesis. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion. That is fine. I just want to clear the air, so to speak, and let everyone know just why we feel the need for his prosthetic hands.eating cracker

I had one mother directly compare her child born missing one hand to Jameson. That to me is like comparing apples to oranges. I’m not saying that missing one hand is not difficult, I’m just saying that’s a far different scenario. In fact when I was still pregnant, I sobbed many times wondering why couldn’t my baby just have one hand. This mother said and I quote  “I would never buy my 9 month old expensive prosthesis….he will teach you a thing or two.” She’s right about one thing, he will teach us a thing or two, in fact he already does everyday!

As I have said before it is important to us as Jameson’s parents to try to give him ALL possible tools to have a better chance at a normal life. Because he is missing BOTH hands, the level of difficulties he will face are considerable. Our thoughts are that if we provide every option for him now, he will be much more adapted by the time he goes to school. Babies learn so easily at this age and are so adaptable, they are like little sponges. Why train your child to do things with his feet, when tools are available to provide him with a more ‘normal’ life? Using his feet will be an option, but why not give him every option. I know there will be days that he will not want his prosthetics on, and that is ok. With today’s technology, how can we not give him all the opportunities available? It is unfortunate that the cost is so high. Unfortunate that money becomes a factor and health care is not the greatest. But we have to try everything in our power to make it happen. He is our most precious gift and we want to be able to help him thrive. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Jameson will be great at many, many things with or without his prosthesis.

cute baby


Wintery Fun

Jameson loves the outdoors! The other day we bundled him up in his snow suit and took him for a winter hike! We also brought our two golden retrievers Zoey and Daizey!

winter hike 1

winter hike 2

zoey and daizey

winter hike 3

winter hike 4

Jameson in the News Again!

A VERY exciting weekend here at the Davis house! After an update interview with reporter Annie Bishop from our local ABC news station aired, a New York journalist from called interested in Jameson’s story. So we did a 20 minute phone interview with Christina Lopez right then, and afterward Jim and I looked at each other and said “an online article out of New York would be pretty cool”! I thought to myself that maybe at best we would be somewhere on the website in a tiny corner. Little did I know that Saturday morning we would be on their home page, right under the President and Lance Armstrong! We were blown away at how we made front page national news!!! And on Sunday, we were informed that we were also in the London Daily Mail, on multiple U.S. news stations, and on Perez Hilton’s celebrity gossip blog.

LOVE my little man!!!

LOVE my little man!!!

Wow, I am still in total amazement at how much recognition and interest our story has received. What an amazing weekend for us! The greatest part of all is that we have had many, many people from all over the U.S. reach out to us with their kind words, generous donations, and well wishes! We could not be more thrilled by the love and support.

We love our son so very much and the positive way our story is being shared will help not only our family but other families in similar situations. As Jameson’s parents we feel so blessed to be able to inspire other parents out there. We want everyone to know that it’s ok to have a child or children with special needs. We believe that with a postive outlook, lots of love, and encouragement these children are going to go on and do great great things!

In case you missed them, here are some of the media links that I could find: we are now on the Health Page on

Quick Update on Fund-Raising For Jameson

We are ecstatic that fund-raising went so well for his first set of passive prosthesis! Because of all the amazing, kind, and generous people who donated we were able to pay for his new arms! Thank you so very much to all of you who supported Jameson and continue to do so! passive set

We are, however, not done. For his next pair we will have to come up with even more money. Depending on how fast he grows he will probably need new arms within the next 4-6 months. After he outgrows this set he will receive at least one Myoelectric arm. This is very exciting because a “Myo” will be 100% functional and operated by Jameson himself, where as his passive set is not. The passive arms have to be manually adjusted for him and the main purpose is to get him “used” to having something on. This is a very important first step in learning to use prosthesis.

The Myoelectric arms are much more expensive, but will ultimately be what helps him function more independently, and allow him to do things he would never be able to do otherwise.

In February we will start phase two on fund-raising. We are kicking it off with a fun evening event called High 5’s and a Thousand Hearts for Jameson hosted by the kind and amazing Michele Kelly! Details for this upcoming event are located at this link!/events/385614368196720/?fref=ts

As of now, we have not received an exact amount for the next set, but the estimate is around 50 to 100 thousand dollars if you can believe it?! Insurance will pick up a fraction of that, so as you can see we still have a long way to go.

Thank you again to all of Jameson’s supporters! Keep spreading the word, we could not have gotten this far with out you!!!


A Year Ago

A year ago today, I was 6 months pregnant and finally had an obvious baby belly! I was extremely proud of my growing bump and wanted to make sure that I would always remember my miraculous transformation.

We had planned on hiring our good friend Julie to take belly pics, however, she up and moved to L.A. and was gone before we knew it. So, my husband and I decided to set up a photo shoot and give it a try ourselves. The other day I ran across the pictures we took. An amateur job for sure but somehow we captured the exact precious moment I wanted to keep forever. Now I can show my son just how beautiful he and I were together as one.

bump 1

bump 2

bump 3

bump 4

Thankful For Modern Prosthesis

When we first learned of Jameson’s limb deficiency we knew that fitting him with prosthesis was his greatest chance at a more “normal” life. After endless hours of prosthesis research I discovered how lucky we are to have today’s modern medicine and technology. Prosthesis have come a very long way!

prosthetic leg circa 1978

prosthetic leg circa 1978

Back in 1978, when I was born, the prosthesis were made from mostly wood and fibreglass, they were very uncomfortable, barely functional, and unattractive.

We feel so blessed to have more advanced options for our baby.

At Advanced Arm Dynamics they showed us some of the current options like: very realistic skin, manicured nails, tattoos, Ipod docks, and of coarse the electric ones. It is truly amazing and we are very excited to see what the future has in store for Jameson!

Some of todays todays options:

manicured nails

realistic skin

phone dock


ipod arm