Jameson on “The Doctors”

When Jameson was just ten months old we were very privileged to tell our story on the television show “the Doctors”!


Thankful For So Much!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and my husband and I are thankful for so much! The most important thanks of all is of course, our son Jameson. We are so thankful for our beautiful child and that he is healthy.

We are also very thankful to all of the support and love that we have received on Jameson’s behalf. Thanks to all of you we have now raised $8,920.76!!! What an amazing amount of progress we have made! We are even closer to getting Jameson’s first set of little “hands”! Thank you, Thank you all and have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Jameson is ready for his first Turkey Day!

A Long Way To Go

As of Nov. 10th Hands For Jameson has collected $1,500.00! Yay!

Thanks to all the kind people who donated! A BIG thank you to you!

BUT, we have a LONG way to go. The total for Jameson’s FIRST of many sets of prosthesis came to $24,563.06. Our insurance would not accept our claim unless we submited a memo bill first. This means we have already been billed before receiving treatment. They only covered $11,068.04. We must come up with $13,495.02.

This memo bill came to us Nov. 6th. and the Provider wants it paid in full by December. We wish we could write that check ourselves but, sadly we cannot. We had hoped to have found a less expensive treatment, unfortunatly we did not. We were turned down by Shriner’s and Children’s Hospitals because they lack prosthetic departments here in Washington State. Jameson is on several waiting lists for foundations that help provide assistance to children in need of prosthesis but that takes awhile and we have already been turned down by a few because we have insurance.

Our hope is that all of you can help. A LITTLE donation is BIG to Jameson.