My Daddy Rocks

As far as daddy’s go, Jameson has won the jackpot! They are so beautiful together, his dad could not love him more!


Pregnancy Stuck It To Me

To be able to FINALLY hold my baby in my arms I had to endure a bit of pain.Twice daily injections of Heparin helped prevent blood clots that could have potentially jeopardized my baby.This is what I needed to do in order to keep my blood thin enough during my pregnancy.

The perfect end result!

My Induction Story

On our way to the hospital!

Because I went a few days past my due date, was high-risk, and still on Heparin (blood thinner injections) my OB thought it would be on the safe side to schedule an induction.  Blood thinners should be completely out of your system, if not there is a higher risk of developing a blood clot at the site of the epidural/spinal anesthesia.  So knowing when I was going to go into labor, I could safely stop the injections 24 hours prior.

I was barely 1cm dilated so we had to get to the hospital the night before to start I.V. fluids and Cervidil. At 9am the Cervidil was taken out and the plan was to start Pitocin. Luckily, I had already been contracting on my own and the Pitocin was not needed. Before we knew it, I was dilated to a 6, the pain was getting pretty bad, so I opted for the epidural. After receiving the epidural, I told my nurse that I could still feel the contractions and that I didn’t think that it worked.  She told me that I would still feel something, this was my first time so I took her word for it and ignored the pain for the moment.

Soon thereafter, my OB came in, broke the bag of waters and that’s when things sped up crazy fast.  I was still in a ton of pain which caused me to start shaking uncontrollably. I requested the anesthesiologist to fix me, NOW! He came back and figured out that the epidural was not working and ended up topping it off  four times.  My legs became incredibly numb, that was it. And boy were they heavy, making it very difficult to move at all. Too late for anything else, I was at a 10.

Time to push. My nurse said that pushing through the contractions would help with the pain. Umm yeah, not really. After a few pushes an oxygen mask was quickly shoved on my face, I was told to move to my side, NOW! I couldn’t move my legs.  People rushed into the room and started pushing my body side to side for me. What in the world was going on? I was so confused. I started to get scared because I could see the panic in their eyes despite the calm demeanor in their voices.  Finally, they told me that the baby’s heart rate was plummeting and would not stabilize. They needed to get the rate back up fast or we were going into the E.R. for an emergency C-section. Someone raised up the bed and just started wheeling me out when his heart rate stabilized. Whew, good grief I was terrified.

Things calmed down for a second and my OB decided it was safe to get right back to it. Time to push take two. I thought to myself at that moment that there is no way I could do this. I was exhausted beyond belief already. But, I had to do it, I had to get my baby out. Still, in excruciating pain feeling every contraction, I pushed.  Two and a half hours later my baby was out, screaming to the world to put him back. “Great set of lungs on that one” I heard someone say.

Jameson Cruz Davis was finally born at 4:14pm, healthy and as pink as ever, 6lbs 13oz 19 1/2″ long. That was the hardest thing I have ever done, EVER. But, so worth it! Jameson: a few minutes old!