First Set of Little “Hands” Day 4

Day 4:

After many long hours and very hard work, Mac and Cullen were excited to present Jameson with his ACTUAL first set of prosthesis. Were we so amazed that they were able to design and fabricate his prosthesis in a matter of days. Originally, we thought it would take 4 weeks or so to get the finished product. But, after seeing the frustrations he had and the struggle to grasp, they knew that is was urgent to get him started right away.

So, we are excited to say that Jameson is the proud owner of his first set of little “hands”! Now, the hard work begins. At home physical therapy will be a wear schedule. This means we will schedule in time everyday to wear the prosthesis while playing, holding the bottle, practicing sitting, crawling etc. This set of prosthesis however, are not entirely operational and are intended primarily to help Jameson get ready for a set that will be fully functional. So in a sense these are “practice” arms;  and practice we will!!!

Finished right arm; practicing with bottle!

left arm

Grabbing book and eating it:)


Pt with right arm.

pt rt arm

Dad learning how to put prosthesis on.

learning how to put on

Both arms on!!!

both on!

Amazing Team AAD (sadly, minus Shannon our favorite receptionist ever)!!!

team AAD

Thanks to all of you that gave your love and support we are now finally able to start this journey!


My Daddy Rocks

As far as daddy’s go, Jameson has won the jackpot! They are so beautiful together, his dad could not love him more!

Pregnancy Stuck It To Me

To be able to FINALLY hold my baby in my arms I had to endure a bit of pain.Twice daily injections of Heparin helped prevent blood clots that could have potentially jeopardized my baby.This is what I needed to do in order to keep my blood thin enough during my pregnancy.

The perfect end result!