Jameson on “The Doctors”

When Jameson was just ten months old we were very privileged to tell our story on the television show “the Doctors”!


Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday! We have come a long way! This is video footage of Jameson, one year ago…

Wordless Wednesday


Making Everyday Memories

Some of my favorite memories of this year so far…

The moment Jackson was born. So amazing to have done this twice, I feel incredibly blessed.

Jackson’s smile. To die for, loving those double dimples.

The fun adventures we have experienced recently in our new neighborhood.

Jameson’s smile. Love that handsome little boy.

Watching my two sons bond. Even at this young age I can tell that they are going to be best friends.

And us. Our little family of four.



Update on Jameson’s Myo Progress

A few weeks ago we had a wonderful trip to Portland, OR to see the Advanced Arm Dynamic’s team! While we were down there, Jameson continued to learn how to work with his Myoelectric prosthetic arms as well as have some minor adjustments made to them.image

For three days Jameson worked with Kerstin, the Rehabilitation Coordinator at AAD,(by the way he absolutely adores Kerstin)! Everyday she had him wearing his Myo’s while performing various activities. Most of the activities were just fun and games (including a trip to the playground)! Eventually he started showing signs of really getting to know how to make the hands open and close, so she then had him working on basic everyday tasks that can be a bit more difficult without imagethe aid of his prosthesis. Such tasks included: using a utensil while eating, opening and closing doors and drawers, using a writing/coloring tool, and being able to hold something in one hand while doing another thing with the other. imageHe was amazing, he finally got exactly how to open and close the hands! It totally clicked and from that point on he was set on doing it all and to keep going, even moving from one room to the next telling Kerstin to “come on, come on”.  He had three very busy and productive days which of course included snack, lunch, and nap breaks!image

Watching my 22 month old determined to conquer things that most people take for granted definitely brought tears to my eyes. I get emotional about this because from the moment I learned of Jameson’s disability, I too was determined, determined to make sure my child had every possible chance at a less challenging life. This trip really put things into perspective that all of our determination is starting to pay off! It feels so great to be able to finally see all of this wonderful progress. However, I know we still have a long road ahead of us, (I will have to write a whole other post about that) but for now I want to enjoy our little victories! Jameson is such an incredible little guy that we are extremely imageblessed to have as our son. His dad and I could not be more proud of him and our love for him is immeasurable. ❤️imageimage

Officially Walking!

At 11 months and 3 weeks old, Jameson is officially walking!


Prosthesis Fit Again!

Jameson is a fast growing boy! After only 3 months, he outgrew his prosthesis. So off to Portland we went to have his first set of adjustments. We’ve been home a week now and Jameson is right back on track with his wear schedule and PT/OT time. I was a little worried that we would have to start back over from the beginning. But, this little boy surprises me everyday with his tolerance, perseverance, and I can do it personality! What an awesome feeling it is to know that he is so strong-willed and motivated. I am a proud momma.

The week in Portland was great, it was so nice to see everyone again. The staff at AAD feels like family and it’s a place we can go and feel at home. Jameson especially feels right where he belongs when we are there. This trip, we brought his new favorite toy, his walker! Jameson enjoyed being in it between fittings and measurements. He had so much fun zooming up and down the halls, visiting everyone in their offices, and helping Shannon man the front desk:) It was beyond adorable! He was free to roam the entire place, and I might add that you can’t do that at just any office, only the awesome ones!

zooming by fast!!!

zooming by fast!!!

great ot/pt sessions!

great ot/pt sessions!