Jameson on “The Doctors”

When Jameson was just ten months old we were very privileged to tell our story on the television show “the Doctors”!


Two Months To Go!

I thought I would do a little baby Davis #2 update!

32 weeks (8 months)


Baby is the size of a Honeydew Melon!

He is very active, likes to kick and knee my upper right side & has quite a bit of hiccups!

Heartburn, sore hips and back are my main symptoms this month.

Jameson likes to give my belly kisses (trying to get a photo of that but no luck yet).

Check ups have been going great! Baby is measuring right on track and no NST’s at the end!

8 more weeks! We are so excited!ūüíē

Look Mom “Hands”!

Jameson has exceeded my expectations on how well he is doing with wearing his new hands! We were told by EVERYONE that the biggest reason little kids reject their prosthesis is that there is a lack of tactile sensation. Which makes perfect sense. So because Jameson can not “feel” things with them we were a little worried how he would react. But it is incredible, it’s as if he is using them as a tool just like we had hoped he would. I could not be any more proud of my baby boy!

My husband Jim also impresses me, he is such a great daddy taking time everyday before work to help me with pt time. He is amazing with Jameson,the two of them are best buds!

dad pt time

riding tractor!

riding tractor 2!

We’ve Got This!

It’s been a week exactly since we’ve been home and we¬†have been working really hard at physical therapy. We take each day at a time (depending on Jameson’s mood) but try to maintain a somewhat regular schedule of wearing the prosthesis. We are doing one arm at a time switching back and forth and will work up to wearing both very soon. To make sure he does not reject them, the time he is “wearing” must be very positive for him! During wear time: we play fun games that help him utilize his new hands, watch his favorite videos, congratulate him often, and give lots of hugs and kisses. Even though the arms are a bit difficult for mom and dad to put on, Jameson is doing really well. I think that we’ve got this down! By the time we need his next set, which will probably be in 5-7 months, we will all be pros!

pt at home 1

pt at home 2

pt 3

He is really good at pulling the prosthesis up to his mouth!

He is really good at pulling the prosthesis up to his mouth!

For Jameson

Even though I am very excited that Jameson now has his first set of prosthesis, I still struggle from within to understand why he has to start life this way. This was not MY plan for my child. So I am trying to prepare myself for the day that he asks me why he is not exactly like the other little kids. I found this poem and thought that it was a good place to start:

Missing Parts

God looked down, another child
A smile so perfect, a
temper so sweet.
But Jameson looked and some parts were gone,
Did God mess up
and make me wrong?
God just looked at
this perfect child,
He explained
Himself as He just smiled.
“If I’d
taken time to make that part,
wouldn’t be such a work of art.”
would not have had time to make that smile,
To list your talents would last a
Your sense of humor, that belly
Where are these parts, you
have to ask?
You are so lucky, these
gifts of gold,
Those missing parts
are mine to hold.
Forever they’ll be,
close to my heart,
So as you live, we
are never apart.
Each time I move,
you’ll be on my mind,
You special
child, you are quite the find!
So do
not miss that part, you see,
It will
always be safe and sound with me.”

This is a poem by: Kris Heims as adapted by Me. Such a beautiful piece, just thought I would share.

precious boy

First Set of Little “Hands” Day 2 & 3

Day 2:

Despite teething and not getting great sleep, Jameson¬†was a champion patient! He did a great job during his physical therapy with Kerstin. In fact, she is his new “girlfriend” flirting and smiling at her all week! He tolerated quite a bit of time wearing the sleeves and did well with each fitting as Mac and Cullen slowly molded and shaped each part of the prototype arms.On day 2, they had finished half of the prosthesis, the part that fits onto Jameson’s upper arm over the sleeve.

Day 3:

As previously stated, Mac was not happy with the design for the first set of passive prosthesis. He explained that because Jameson has no elbows, the original design would have been way out of proportion and less flexible.¬†Even though this set is intended for Jameson to “get used to” having something on his arms, rather than completely functional, Mac wanted¬†them to be better! So he and Cullen designed an “elbow” for him that would not only bend, but swivel side to side and be more in proportion. By day 3, the full prototype was put together but far from finished.

Very cool fact #2: The prosthesis design that Mac and Cullen built for Jameson is the first one of its kind! Only one in the world:)

Prototype upper arm fitting.

day 2 upper arm

Mommy and Jameson practicing with sleeve toleration.


First whole prototype arm fitting! This moment was BIG!

big moment

He instantly stuck it in his mouth:)

i want to eat it

Both prototype arms on. Very surreal for mom and dad, holding back tears here.


More pt with both prototype arms on. He wasn’t quite sure what to think, but did real well.

pt w/ prototype

Finished prototype arm.

prototype arm

By the end of the third day we were all exahausted. Our amazing team however, stayed late to keep working on the arms. Next post will have more about the finished pair of little “hands”!!!!

Baby Steps

At 7 1/2 months old Jameson should be on the verge of crawling, but he can not.¬†Though not for lack of trying, the arms he was born with¬†just won’t co-operate. Grunting and groaning he gives up.¬†Instead,¬†he wants you to hold him so that he can stand and take baby steps. I don’t blame him. I tear up watching his attempts at crawling and wonder why this has to be the way my baby starts life.

Tomorrow, we leave for Portland and it could not come any sooner! With all¬†his current frustrations going on it is perfect timing for our trip! FINALLY, we get to start the process for Jameson’s first set of little¬†“hands”. This will not be an easy four days especially for a young baby. The arms will be custom-built for him and he will not have the finished pair for another four weeks. But, in the mean time we hope he will¬†receive a set of “practice” arms¬†to¬†get him going on this intense learning process.

Even though we are excited to begin the journey, there is still a long hard road to travel. As we set out, we are very grateful to the people who have shown such love and support to our little family! This has helped me to remain strong and be able to show my son how to reach for the sky, no holding back!!!