Baby Davis #2 is here!

Saturday, May 31st 2014, we welcomed with love, baby boy Jackson Gene Davis! He came into the world at 2:02 am weighing 6 lbs 13 oz (exactly what big brother weighed) and was 19″ long.  


Jackson’s Birth Story

On Friday May 30th, I went into my Obgyn’s office for my 39th week check up. The appointment was at 10am and I was feeling slightly “off” that morning, crampy and really wanted to clean ( cliché I know but it was how I felt). My doctor checked my cervix and I was only dilated to a 1.5 so we started talking induction for June 11th, assuming this  little guy was going to be late just like big brother. Jim and I left the office thinking we had two more weeks or so left.  As we drove away I swore I felt like I was having mild contractions but didn’t think much of it. We got home where Jameson was with grandma and grandpa and told them it could be a few more weeks. As we got lunch ready I began having contractions, could this be it, I wondered? It was so surreal as I had never gone into spontaneous labor before.  Both Jim and I got excited and we decided to go for a walk instead of eat lunch. If this was real labor, walking would help keep the contractions coming.  By 2:00 pm we had timed them for over an hour at 2-3 minutes apart, lasting  45 seconds so I called my OB’s office and they wanted me to come in ASAP.

After frantically packing and getting Jameson all squared away with grandma, we went back to my OB’s office. If I was making progress dilating they would admit me to Labor & Delivery. I was 4 cm so they admitted me. Off to the hospital we went. Jim and I were ecstatic! This is exactly how we both had hoped labor would start this time. Soon we would meet our second son!

We got checked into our room at about 4:00 pm. Contractions started getting more painful and I was  informed that I could not receive an epidural until 8:30 that night. This was because they wanted the Heparin blood thinners I was taking out of my system.  A little bit of unfortunate news for me but I had no choice, instead we walked the halls of the hospital and labored au naturale for 4 1/2 more hours. At 8:30 pm I  received an epidural.  As I shifted around on the bed to have it placed, my water broke. After the epidural I felt so much better and a lot more calm. A few hours later the nurse check my cervix and said I wasn’t making much progress so Pitocin was started to intensify my contractions and speed things up since my water had already been broken. They told me to get some rest because it could still be a while, but I was unable to sleep. The baby’s heart rate was doing crazy decelerations with each contraction which worried me. I labored for 8 more hours (total in all was 12).

Towards the end, baby’s heart rate decelerated pretty low and would not come back up. I was terrified, it was barely beating anymore. My OB came in in a hurry, checked me, fully dilated (thank The Lord) and then said “we have to get this baby out NOW” I pushed through three contractions and out he came with a little cry letting us know he was okay. I have never been so relieved in my life and I couldn’t believe that I got him out so fast (pushed for two hours with Jameson). It turned out he had a nuchal cord or non medical language-the cord was wrapped around his neck. He is doing great now and we think he looks a lot like his brother! You can’t tell in these pictures, but he has the biggest, cutest dimples in each of his cheeks. We are so in love and feel so blessed to finally have this little peanut out safely and in our arms.image

Jameson is a little young to fully understand what’s going on, but so far he loves baby brother and even helps mama by bring Jackson diapers and toys. He is also very gentle with the baby and says to me “mama he is fragile”!

image image image image image imageimageimageimage


Baby Davis # 2 Is On The Way!

That’s right, Jameson is going to be a big brother this year! We are beyond excited and very blessed to be expecting another baby.image

Yes, this was planned. No, we are not crazy! Jim and I have always known that we wanted children. From the very beginning we dreamed of having a family of our own, and maybe a big one at that. However, we did not know that achieving said dream would prove to be more of a challenge for us than most.

Despite suffering several losses, enduring painful injections (me), and receiving life-changing news that our first would be born with special needs- we have decided that we still want more children. To say the least, it has been a scary decision, but we have put much thought into it and we know in our hearts that it’s the right one for us. After all, our first child, Jameson, adds so much joy to our lives, we could not love him more. AND he is going to make an awesome big brother!

So, lo and behold this past fall, I found myself staring at a positive hpt (home pregnancy test)! I was petrified, this was happening. I knew that I had to pull strength from anywhere I could get it and be brave. This is what we prayed for.

Four and a half months of hard baby incubation work later, we got to see how our little one was doing. A day that we were extremely panicked about, the dreaded mid-pregnancy ultrasound. Having been through so much has really put things into a different perspective for us. Pregnancy is Scary! Joys that other couples share while pregnant are terrifying to us. Normally this ultrasound should have been something to look forward to. Nope. But, we knew what we signed up for. Because we had no real answer for why Jameson’s limb deficiency occurred, many frightening thoughts ran through our minds.  As the tech placed the wand on my belly I cried, a second later a little hand waved at us and she said ” I can tell you right now that I see full arms and legs”!  And…image

The Perinatologist that was there for the scan said he looks great! We could not be more thrilled and are so very blessed! Now, to choose another boy name yikes! So not easy;)image

3-D image, his hands up near his face.

3-D image, his hands up near his face.

His little feet!

His little feet!