Jameson on “The Doctors”

When Jameson was just ten months old we were very privileged to tell our story on the television show “the Doctors”!


Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday! We have come a long way! This is video footage of Jameson, one year ago…

Latest Video: Jameson At 2 years old Using his Prosthesis or we call it his ‘helper’ arm

Video: Last night Jameson wearing his left helper! He’s amazing at just two years old!

Update on Jameson’s Myo Progress

A few weeks ago we had a wonderful trip to Portland, OR to see the Advanced Arm Dynamic’s team! While we were down there, Jameson continued to learn how to work with his Myoelectric prosthetic arms as well as have some minor adjustments made to them.image

For three days Jameson worked with Kerstin, the Rehabilitation Coordinator at AAD,(by the way he absolutely adores Kerstin)! Everyday she had him wearing his Myo’s while performing various activities. Most of the activities were just fun and games (including a trip to the playground)! Eventually he started showing signs of really getting to know how to make the hands open and close, so she then had him working on basic everyday tasks that can be a bit more difficult without imagethe aid of his prosthesis. Such tasks included: using a utensil while eating, opening and closing doors and drawers, using a writing/coloring tool, and being able to hold something in one hand while doing another thing with the other. imageHe was amazing, he finally got exactly how to open and close the hands! It totally clicked and from that point on he was set on doing it all and to keep going, even moving from one room to the next telling Kerstin to “come on, come on”.  He had three very busy and productive days which of course included snack, lunch, and nap breaks!image

Watching my 22 month old determined to conquer things that most people take for granted definitely brought tears to my eyes. I get emotional about this because from the moment I learned of Jameson’s disability, I too was determined, determined to make sure my child had every possible chance at a less challenging life. This trip really put things into perspective that all of our determination is starting to pay off! It feels so great to be able to finally see all of this wonderful progress. However, I know we still have a long road ahead of us, (I will have to write a whole other post about that) but for now I want to enjoy our little victories! Jameson is such an incredible little guy that we are extremely imageblessed to have as our son. His dad and I could not be more proud of him and our love for him is immeasurable. ❤️imageimage

Myoelectric Arms Are Cool!

For those wondering how Jameson is doing with his Myoelectric prosthetic arms, he is doing great! In fact, he thinks that they are pretty cool!image

I have been meaning to write an update about his current progress, but forgive me, I am 24 weeks pregnant chasing a soon to be 2-year-old while battling back to back cold viruses since Christmas. However, we have managed to keep wearing the arms a few times a day. Jameson is doing a lot better with the dawning process, this was very challenging in the beginning. You need to understand that they are not the easiest to put on and it can take some time to do so. Most two-year olds have very little patience, as is the case with ours. But, with lots of encouragement and praise, Jameson now cooperates beautifully! We are so proud of him!

As I have said in the past, wear time is fun and very positive! If at any time there are signs of distress or he says he’s done, we’re done. During wear time (we usually just do one so that he has the other arm to feel) he can grab and carry items around! But, as far as Jameson realizing how the electric mechanism works, he is still getting the hang of it. He understands that he can make it move, but is not 100% sure just how he does it. We are confident that he will figure it out with time, especially when he is able to comprehend the explanation of it all. Regardless, he is doing very well!

In other cool news, Jameson is currently a spokes model for Advanced Arm Dynamics! imageHe is featured among other patients in the new brochure and marketing video of 2014! We are so happy to be a part of such a wonderful company and could not be more proud to be able to inspire other families similar to ours. Here is the link to the video (Jameson appears three different times) https://vimeo.com/user5106732/review/85483287/fa66786da4


Here They Are: Jameson’s 1st Myo’s

Jameson now has his finished set of Myo’s!


I think I mentioned in my last post that we had to leave Advanced Arm Dynamics before the Myoelectric prosthetics were finalized. It took a little bit longer than originally planned to receive the arms, but it was well worth the wait! His new prosthesis are obviously far more advanced than his passive’s, therefore more time was needed in the final building process.

Here they are!

To complete the finished look, Jim and I were in charge of what the pattern/color would be. Interestingly enough, they use fabric for this process and note: there was not a handy catalog from which to choose from.

Luckily, before getting too overwhelmed, we stumbled upon an awesome thrift store find that worked with our vision! Overall, they turned out great and we could not be happier.

Jameson is indifferent of coarse, but someday he will appreciate all of this, I hope!imageimageimageimage

Building Prosthetic Arms For A Toddler: Jameson’s First Myo’s

Last week we traveled to Advanced Arm Dynamics in Portland, Oregon to have Jameson’s very first set of  Myoelectric arms built. A set of electric arms that he can move and operate himself! Despite having no hands or lower arms, at 18 months old Jameson is determined to do anything! His ability to adapt using his short arms amazes everyone who meets him. “Why does he even need prosthetic arms” some people have asked, ” he is absolutely wonderful without them!”

We were there on Halloween!

We were there on Halloween!

His dad and I agree that he is amazing, but he is still a baby and relies greatly on us to do the tasks that he will most likely need prosthesis for in the future.  Important things like, dressing and feeding himself, using utensils, writing, and personal hygiene can prove to be much easier with at least one prosthetic arm/hand. We just want to make sure he has every option available to live the most independent and fulfilling life possible!

Everyday at AAD was spent building the perfect pair of arms for Jameson. There are many types of prosthesis available, but we chose Myoelectric’s because they are currently the most advanced and easiest for him to use.

On Monday and Tuesday Jameson’s arms were casted, he worked with Kerstin his occupational therapist, and met a fellow amputee!

Upper arm socket mold after casting

Upper arm socket mold after casting

Giving fellow amputee Tom a fist bump!

Giving fellow amputee Tom a fist bump!

He absolutely loves working with Kerstin!

He absolutely loves working with Kerstin!

On Wednesday, things did no go quite as planned. Jameson, just like any normal toddler, decided that he did not want to cooperate. Even between meltdowns, Mac, his prosthetist had a difficult time doing fittings. It was hard to see Jameson so upset and it was also very discouraging to think that all the hard work to get to this point was for nothing.

Second upper arm socket design, Jameson liked much better!

Second upper arm socket design,much better!

We finally figured out that the new type of upper arm socket was the problem. It was not working for Jameson and a new design was needed. Back to the drawing board, Mac and Cullen came up with a similar upper arm socket to his old prosthetic arms, something he was used to and it worked! With a new design never done before, Jameson’s prosthetic team at AAD contined to build the rest of his arms. By Thursday afternoon we had a preliminary or prototype Myoelectric left arm to work with. image image image image

On Friday morning Fox 12 of Portland joined us for a few hours here’s the link to their news story http://www.kptv.com/video?clipId=9501569&autostart=tue.image

By Friday afternoon we had both prelim arms on! After only a short time wearing the Myo’s, Jameson figured out how to operate the hand function. There is no easy way to instruct a 1 year old how to do this, he had to figure it out on his own! Jameson was able to learn very quickly that by flexing his tricep muscle he was able to open the hand! This happens when an electrode inside the arm senses the movement of that muscle.  When we all saw Jameson figure this out so rapidly it was truly amazing!image

image image imageimageIt was a great week but not without it’s challenges. Currently, we are home without his new arms. Unfortunately it was time to leave before the finishing touches were made. We are anxious to receive them soon and continue with the learning process. There is still a lot of work ahead and it will not always be easy, but right now Jameson has an incredible attention span and his willingness to learn is amazing. He is like a little sponge, so in our opinion there is no better time to teach him how to use a new, more advanced set of prosthesis.