Jameson is 16 Months Old!

Oh how the time flies, Jameson is nearly one and a half!

@ 16 monthsimage

  • Jameson is a very active little boy! He loves being outside playing with his two dogs. He can even pick up the ball to play fetch with them!  He calls Zoey-Zoe Zoe (we are still working on saying Daizey’s name).
  • Words in his vocabulary- momma, dada, Zoe Zoe, up, yum, yeah, no no, whatdoing(all one word), what’s that?, yo ho, ahoy (he loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates), and all day long I hear “uh oh momma”! He says that every time he throws a toy over the baby gate, which is a fun new game to get me to constantly retrieve his toys for him.
  • Gives GREAT kisses and says “muah” at the end!
  • He loves to eat watermelon, peaches, cheese & crackers, pasta, string cheese,  peas, avocado,Cheerios, and graham crackers!
  • Tries to climb in his high chair when he is hungry- (he used to refuse to go in it) funny how they change their minds about things!image
  • Drinks water from a straw cup
  • Says “ahhhh” after taking a drink, super cute!
  • Can clap and wave with his short arms
  • Still wears his passive set of prosthesis everyday during his wear schedule. They are almost too small again, so we are excited and more than ready for the Myoelectric set.
  • Imitates me on the phone while holding the remote control up to his ear and says “yeah yeah yeah”. It is pretty hilarious!
  • Points to his belly button and nose
  • Is a water baby! Absolutely loves being in the water- pool, sprinkler, or lake!
  • Is about 25lbs, has a mouth full of teeth, and tall
  • Has beautiful blonde curls and has recently been mistaken for a girl several times.  So silly, but I guess he is just that beautiful!!image
  • Finds his shoes when he wants to go outside
  • Smiles all the time
  • Has quite the personality- not shy at all (unlike me)
  • He is such a love and I can already tell that he has a wonderful sense of humor!!!

3 responses to “Jameson is 16 Months Old!

  1. As usual, Great journal entries…I can almost see the small tear in your eye for this special son of yours as you write about him…so impressed with Jameson, and I love the blond curls….


  2. I love this little boy! He is such a joy. Not always the easiest on his
    Mom, but there hasn’t been a dull moment since he blessed our family with his presence.


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