May 2013

This Davis Family has been busy in the month of May! Jim now works six days a week, and a hand full of those days turn into doubles depending on how busy the restaurant is. We miss him around here, Jameson does especially. He just started this thing where he runs squealing to the door to greet his dad after work. It is just the cutest thing ever. Before, if either if us had been gone for a while, we were chopped liver.

Despite one of Jameson’s prosthesis needing another adjustment, he is doing great with his wear time. Last week we had to ship one of his arms off to Portland. It’s kinda funny when you have to tell UPS that there is an arm in the box!  And I just want to mention that I am so impressed by the staff at Advanced Arm Dynamics. They are wonderful! It was shipped both ways, fixed, and back at our house in two days!

Besides having a set of prosthetic arms, Jameson is a typical one year old, into EVERYTHING, especially things not intended for babies. So, that keeps me on my toes and feet for most of the day, everyday (no days off here). During nap time is when I have to get all my work done. Which, I know is normal, but Jameson is now down to one nap and so I’ve got to squeeze a lot in! On top of our normal days, we are trying to sell our house, look for a different one, put together a massive fundraiser in Spokane, be with each other, hang out with friends and family, and just be!  Not too crazy, but kinda crazy!


Jameson is in need of his first official hair cut! But, I love his long hair so much that I am having a hard time bringing myself to do it.

Future Seattle Seahawk!

Finally leaned how to get down low to pick things up!

Finally learned how to get down low to pick things up!

Some of the looks he gives me are too funny!

Some of the looks he gives me are too funny!

Learning how to sit on the bike now, before he was a little affraid!

Learning how to sit on the bike now, before he was a little afraid!


3 responses to “May 2013

  1. Please find a Shriner or the phonebook listing for Shriners International. They provide prostheses, doc visits, everything – for children until they are 18. This is FREE with no strings attached. We loved seeing your darling son and pray for his success with “new” limbs. You are an amazing family.


  2. Hi, I saw you segment on the Doctors today. I have to ask if Jameson is the grand child of a Vietnam Veteran? I ask because I am a child of a Vietnam vet. My mom had two miscarriages, then I was born without my right leg below the knee. Several of my fingers and my big toe on my left foot. My remaining toes were webbed. We are seeing similar birth defects in the grandchildren of VN Vets. I just want you to know, he will be fine! He has all of you for support. I can see so much of my own parents in how Jameson’s mom and dad are handling his disabilities. He will grow up with an amazing character! My mom especially took the grunt of questions and some of them not nice like “what did you do to that baby?” I tell you though he will be an amazing man! The hospital tried to tell my folks amniotic banding too, but there wasn’t evidence to support it. All evidence points to my Dad’s exposure to dioxin during the war. many totally healthy kids of VN vets are having kids with disabilities. if Jameson is related to a VN Vet, i would be extremely interested in the genetic test results that were mentioned on the show. they could help a lot of people. Good luck and stay strong! He’s going to continue to be amazing you watch and see!


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