Prosthesis Fit Again!

Jameson is a fast growing boy! After only 3 months, he outgrew his prosthesis. So off to Portland we went to have his first set of adjustments. We’ve been home a week now and Jameson is right back on track with his wear schedule and PT/OT time. I was a little worried that we would have to start back over from the beginning. But, this little boy surprises me everyday with his tolerance, perseverance, and I can do it personality! What an awesome feeling it is to know that he is so strong-willed and motivated. I am a proud momma.

The week in Portland was great, it was so nice to see everyone again. The staff at AAD feels like family and it’s a place we can go and feel at home. Jameson especially feels right where he belongs when we are there. This trip, we brought his new favorite toy, his walker! Jameson enjoyed being in it between fittings and measurements. He had so much fun zooming up and down the halls, visiting everyone in their offices, and helping Shannon man the front desk:) It was beyond adorable! He was free to roam the entire place, and I might add that you can’t do that at just any office, only the awesome ones!

zooming by fast!!!

zooming by fast!!!

great ot/pt sessions!

great ot/pt sessions!


3 responses to “Prosthesis Fit Again!

  1. Jameson is such a sweetie & so cute. I’m glad he is adapting & having fun 2! Thank u so much 4 sharing him with us & keeping all of us updated. ♥ from Kilgore TX


  2. What a very endearing little guy. Having been a mother of a young girl who lost her arm at age 3 (shoulder as well) I can tell you are parents who don’t mind putting out there. All the public he is exposed to, he will adjust and these arms will be all he will ever register (of course)…You are so blessed to have this technology today to bring him forward to the life of no adjustments later on. Also, what a blessed little guy to have you both and you to have him. My daughter is now 32 and never was able to hold an arm on her body because the disease she has turn muscle to bone. However, her constitution is strong and we’ver always encouraged her to never be shy about how she looks to others and always allow people to stare and ask questions. Once people know, they get on with it…
    Life is good and it becomes what you make it…. Did I mention he came here also with some extremely very cute looks…:)


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