Special Needs Spotlight

This amazing fellow limb difference mom has an awesome blog that I adore and follow. Her blog is called This Little Miggy Stayed Home and you should definitely check it out. Each Friday she spotlights a different child with special needs and their amazing family. This last Friday she chose Jameson!  Here is the link to Jameson’s Spotlight http://www.thislittlemiggy.com/?wref=bif  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you would like to participate in one of her spotlights or know anyone who would, please email Miggy at thislittlemiggy at gmail dot com.  She asks if you could please include a brief summary of your child and their condition, along with links to your blog and pictures if applicable. Thanks!

Here are some other recent spotlights she has done:
                                                          Albie (multiple heart conditions)
                                                          Mary Cate (apert syndrome)
                                                          Brayden (born with left eye, hearing problems)
                                                          Jack (cerebral palsy)

Green Family part 2 (adoption, multiple kids with special needs)  Green Family part 1 (adoption, multiple kids with special needs)

                                                          Raphael (down syndrome–looking to be adopted)
                                                          Emma-Kate (Pallister-Hall)
                                                          Aviana (traumatic brain injury)

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