High Fives And a Thousand Hearts Fund Raiser

tuckered out

11pm and all tuckered out. But still has his tie on:)

Last Saturday we were so blessed to attend the High Fives And a Thousand Hearts For Jameson Fund Raiser! Of coarse Jameson was the guest of honor and made it until 11pm:) Pretty good for a 10 month old who usually goes to bed at 8!

This event was put together by Michele Kelly, a very considerate and loving woman who, out of the kindness of her heart, donated this evening to Jameson. Originally, this was a prize that Michele had won and was going to celebrate with her friends, family, and colleagues. Instead, after recently finding out about our story she decided to give up her night and make it an occasion to help raise money for a baby and a family she didn’t even know.

Located at a local event and catering company, those in attendance enjoyed live music, dancing, catered food, drinks, meeting new friends, and lots of amazing raffle prizes! Each prize was donated by very generous and kind people from around our area. Thank you to all that donated, you are awesome!!!


Callin out raffles!

If that wasn’t enough, we were amazed to meet a new friend and fellow congenital amputee Carrie Davis. Carrie brought new information to us about Hanger (a prosthetic company here in our town). Jameson was offered future services to their clinic and presented a wonderful opportunity to attend Camp No Limits. An amazing summer camp for kids with limb loss or differences. The camp offers support, mentorship, and education to the kids and their families, to learn more click the link above:) Pretty cool stuff!

Carrie holding Jameson, she was wearing a prosthesis on her left arm

Carrie holding Jameson, she was wearing a prosthesis on her left arm

Michele worked very hard on this and overall raised $1,530.00!!! Yay thank you Michele. I would say that the fund-raiser was a great success in many ways! And thank you again to everyone that participated, donated, and came out to support!

Cake pops at the event wtih Jameson on them

Cake pops at the event with Jameson on them

Michele and I

Michele and I


High Fives All Around!

High Fives All Around!


3 responses to “High Fives And a Thousand Hearts Fund Raiser

  1. I just found your blog after hearing a story about Kyle Maynard. Your little Jameson is just such a beautiful, beautiful boy! What a joy he must be! Someday he will be climbing mountains (figuratively….and maybe literally!) like Kyle. I will keep this little cutie pie & your family in my prayers tonight. Love to you all.


  2. If you get the chance to attend Camp No Limits I would highly recommend going. We went to it in Maine this past August and it was wonderful. Looks like you had a great night!! Congrats


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