The Need For His Hands

As some of you know, we have been in the media a little bit lately! We are telling our story and the need for Jameson’s prosthesis. We have received so much positive feedback which has been wonderful! But, I am finding out, that there are a few negative Nelly’s or Nancy’s, or whatever you call them. Some people are judging our decision to have our baby fitted for prosthesis. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion. That is fine. I just want to clear the air, so to speak, and let everyone know just why we feel the need for his prosthetic hands.eating cracker

I had one mother directly compare her child born missing one hand to Jameson. That to me is like comparing apples to oranges. I’m not saying that missing one hand is not difficult, I’m just saying that’s a far different scenario. In fact when I was still pregnant, I sobbed many times wondering why couldn’t my baby just have one hand. This mother said and I quote  “I would never buy my 9 month old expensive prosthesis….he will teach you a thing or two.” She’s right about one thing, he will teach us a thing or two, in fact he already does everyday!

As I have said before it is important to us as Jameson’s parents to try to give him ALL possible tools to have a better chance at a normal life. Because he is missing BOTH hands, the level of difficulties he will face are considerable. Our thoughts are that if we provide every option for him now, he will be much more adapted by the time he goes to school. Babies learn so easily at this age and are so adaptable, they are like little sponges. Why train your child to do things with his feet, when tools are available to provide him with a more ‘normal’ life? Using his feet will be an option, but why not give him every option. I know there will be days that he will not want his prosthetics on, and that is ok. With today’s technology, how can we not give him all the opportunities available? It is unfortunate that the cost is so high. Unfortunate that money becomes a factor and health care is not the greatest. But we have to try everything in our power to make it happen. He is our most precious gift and we want to be able to help him thrive. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Jameson will be great at many, many things with or without his prosthesis.

cute baby


10 responses to “The Need For His Hands

  1. Brooke, you guys have obviously made the right choice for YOUR child so that is all that matters. When I see the pictures and videos of him using his hands you see the true joy in his face. The other day I saw a young man about 18 years old with his mom getting groceries just like Jameson but he did not have prosthesis (maybe he did at home) and it made me think of how much your son will be able to do for himself.


  2. Brooke, I remember reading that post, & wanted to comment then, but held my tongue. Your explanation, though not needed; is informative & heartfelt. Comparing a child with 1 hand, verses no hands; IS apples to oranges. To me, it is easily compared to 1 eye, verses no eyes. Negative Nelly’s think about that one before passing judgement. You should, & are giving JC every opportunity possible. I respect, admire & applaud your love, drive & tenacity! I hate to say this, but negative Nelly’s may be jealous.


  3. Brooke, never question your reasoning…Jameson is #1 and always will be…I am so proud of the two of you for your accomplishments and Love for Jameson…Love you !!!


  4. Brooke, never feel ashamed of what you want for Jameson. A Mother naturally wants the best opportuinities available for her child. You go girl!!!!!


  5. As parents you have looked at all of the options and made a decision for your child. It is sad that others would judge based on their own experiences or values but it seems that our society has allowed and even encouraged this behavior. Please be assured that your love for your son and knowledge you have worked to learn is a gift that is unique and special. I know it is hard, but try to tune out the “negative Nellies” and keep going on your journey to help your son have the quality of life he deserves.


  6. No matter what obstacles your child will face in his life he will know that you gave him every opportunity that you possibly could. He will be thankful for all of your support and more importantly your love. No one will ever know exactly what your struggle has been or will be, but know that there are many people who will support you in your journey. Every parent wants the best for their child, but you have to start with what makes him have the closest to “normal” as possible. Good luck and good job.


  7. Brooke & Jim are doing what any parent who loves their child would do. Go Jameson!
    The real problem here is that insurance does not cover prosthesis. It covers knee and hip replacements, why not prosthesis. That Jameson or any other amputee needs to fund raise to afford this essential tool is a travesty. I can’t imagine life without my hands or prosthesis should I ever need them.


  8. You and your husband are the only ones who know what is right for your child. You are doing everything in your power for your child and that is commendable. Don’t let those who think they know better take that away from you.


  9. I just found your blog and this was the second post I read. I have a little girl missing her right hand. She was fitted for her first passive prosthesis when she was 3 months old and her first myo-electric one at 16 months old. She is now 6 1/2 years old. Most days she would prefer to go without any prosthesis but we are working toward giving her the skills to do things with and without her prosthesis. Some parents choose to go without any type of prosthesis. Others choose to wear a prosthesis all of the time. And others end up somewhere in the middle. Whatever you choose is what is right for your child. It seems like there are too many people out there who think their choice is the ONLY right choice and they like to voice that opinion as much as possible. Just keep doing what is right for your son and ignore the nay-sayers. You are his parents and only you know what is right for him. I wish you luck in the coming years!!


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