Jameson at 8 Months

Jameson adds so much joy to our lives!

At 8 months, he loves playing in his excersaucer, riding in the backpack, the stroller, and rolling around on the floor! With his new prosthesis we are working on crawling and without them he does a really great scooch! I have a feeling that in no time I will be chasing him all over the house. They certainly do grow up way too fast.

He started saying “da da” a few weeks ago and continues to do so about a million times a day! So exciting to hear his first word. And soon after that he started to say “ma ma ma ma”,but this only happens when his is very tired and a bit whiney. I think that that goes with the territory of being the ma ma:)

Jameson now has five teeth, two down and three up. And I am pretty sure that the six one is also well on its way. His “teething days” are not fun for anyone. I feel bad for the poor baby, it must really hurt. We will all be more than ecstatic when this teething business is over.

At his last check up, he weighed about 19 lbs and was in the 97% for height. I think that he will be a tall boy, just like his great grandpa who was 6’4″!


rollin on floor


back pack


2 responses to “Jameson at 8 Months

  1. He is the cutest thing ever!! I’m glad we got to see him when he was just a little thing; he’ll be so much bigger when we meet again.


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