Look Mom “Hands”!

Jameson has exceeded my expectations on how well he is doing with wearing his new hands! We were told by EVERYONE that the biggest reason little kids reject their prosthesis is that there is a lack of tactile sensation. Which makes perfect sense. So because Jameson can not “feel” things with them we were a little worried how he would react. But it is incredible, it’s as if he is using them as a tool just like we had hoped he would. I could not be any more proud of my baby boy!

My husband Jim also impresses me, he is such a great daddy taking time everyday before work to help me with pt time. He is amazing with Jameson,the two of them are best buds!

dad pt time

riding tractor!

riding tractor 2!


4 responses to “Look Mom “Hands”!

    • Ben, I have seen your blog and your Jameson is absolutley beautiful! I have tried to comment on your posts but for some reason it won’t let me. The tooth post is crazy we are in the same boat, we are just about to get number 5! These two are like 2 little peas in a pod! By the way what time of day was your sweetie born? Our J was born at 4:12pm:))


      • awww. we call her J, too. well, my wife does. I just call her my baby. she was born 3:43 pm. i will check into that comment thing. 4:12 on 4/12/12!! that’s pretty crazy. Happy Holidays, Davis family!!


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