We’ve Got This!

It’s been a week exactly since we’ve been home and we have been working really hard at physical therapy. We take each day at a time (depending on Jameson’s mood) but try to maintain a somewhat regular schedule of wearing the prosthesis. We are doing one arm at a time switching back and forth and will work up to wearing both very soon. To make sure he does not reject them, the time he is “wearing” must be very positive for him! During wear time: we play fun games that help him utilize his new hands, watch his favorite videos, congratulate him often, and give lots of hugs and kisses. Even though the arms are a bit difficult for mom and dad to put on, Jameson is doing really well. I think that we’ve got this down! By the time we need his next set, which will probably be in 5-7 months, we will all be pros!

pt at home 1

pt at home 2

pt 3

He is really good at pulling the prosthesis up to his mouth!

He is really good at pulling the prosthesis up to his mouth!


7 responses to “We’ve Got This!

  1. It looks like he is tolerating everything very well! Babies are so resilient, I am so glad you started him with the prosthetic arms so early 🙂 I love that he was up on them crawling 🙂


  2. That is so very AWESOME … I am very happy for Jameson and you all 🙂 … It must be a whole new wonderful world for him … From the pictures, it would appear that he is getting used to them … and probably really likes them … Happiness and Blessings to Jameson and your family … Love ❤


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