For Jameson

Even though I am very excited that Jameson now has his first set of prosthesis, I still struggle from within to understand why he has to start life this way. This was not MY plan for my child. So I am trying to prepare myself for the day that he asks me why he is not exactly like the other little kids. I found this poem and thought that it was a good place to start:

Missing Parts

God looked down, another child
A smile so perfect, a
temper so sweet.
But Jameson looked and some parts were gone,
Did God mess up
and make me wrong?
God just looked at
this perfect child,
He explained
Himself as He just smiled.
“If I’d
taken time to make that part,
wouldn’t be such a work of art.”
would not have had time to make that smile,
To list your talents would last a
Your sense of humor, that belly
Where are these parts, you
have to ask?
You are so lucky, these
gifts of gold,
Those missing parts
are mine to hold.
Forever they’ll be,
close to my heart,
So as you live, we
are never apart.
Each time I move,
you’ll be on my mind,
You special
child, you are quite the find!
So do
not miss that part, you see,
It will
always be safe and sound with me.”

This is a poem by: Kris Heims as adapted by Me. Such a beautiful piece, just thought I would share.

precious boy


3 responses to “For Jameson

  1. Oh dear this brought tears to my eyes ….my daughter is missing her right hand and is 9 months and im so emotional when it comes to that day when I have to facw her questions…..this made me feel good and it a beautiful poem


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