First Set of Little “Hands” Day 2 & 3

Day 2:

Despite teething and not getting great sleep, Jameson was a champion patient! He did a great job during his physical therapy with Kerstin. In fact, she is his new “girlfriend” flirting and smiling at her all week! He tolerated quite a bit of time wearing the sleeves and did well with each fitting as Mac and Cullen slowly molded and shaped each part of the prototype arms.On day 2, they had finished half of the prosthesis, the part that fits onto Jameson’s upper arm over the sleeve.

Day 3:

As previously stated, Mac was not happy with the design for the first set of passive prosthesis. He explained that because Jameson has no elbows, the original design would have been way out of proportion and less flexible. Even though this set is intended for Jameson to “get used to” having something on his arms, rather than completely functional, Mac wanted them to be better! So he and Cullen designed an “elbow” for him that would not only bend, but swivel side to side and be more in proportion. By day 3, the full prototype was put together but far from finished.

Very cool fact #2: The prosthesis design that Mac and Cullen built for Jameson is the first one of its kind! Only one in the world:)

Prototype upper arm fitting.

day 2 upper arm

Mommy and Jameson practicing with sleeve toleration.


First whole prototype arm fitting! This moment was BIG!

big moment

He instantly stuck it in his mouth:)

i want to eat it

Both prototype arms on. Very surreal for mom and dad, holding back tears here.


More pt with both prototype arms on. He wasn’t quite sure what to think, but did real well.

pt w/ prototype

Finished prototype arm.

prototype arm

By the end of the third day we were all exahausted. Our amazing team however, stayed late to keep working on the arms. Next post will have more about the finished pair of little “hands”!!!!


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