Baby Steps

At 7 1/2 months old Jameson should be on the verge of crawling, but he can not. Though not for lack of trying, the arms he was born with just won’t co-operate. Grunting and groaning he gives up. Instead, he wants you to hold him so that he can stand and take baby steps. I don’t blame him. I tear up watching his attempts at crawling and wonder why this has to be the way my baby starts life.

Tomorrow, we leave for Portland and it could not come any sooner! With all his current frustrations going on it is perfect timing for our trip! FINALLY, we get to start the process for Jameson’s first set of little “hands”. This will not be an easy four days especially for a young baby. The arms will be custom-built for him and he will not have the finished pair for another four weeks. But, in the mean time we hope he will receive a set of “practice” arms to get him going on this intense learning process.

Even though we are excited to begin the journey, there is still a long hard road to travel. As we set out, we are very grateful to the people who have shown such love and support to our little family! This has helped me to remain strong and be able to show my son how to reach for the sky, no holding back!!!


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