In the News

We were completely surprised when two local news stations came to interview us at our pancake fundraiser. The reporters were so touched by our story that they were immediately on board to help spread the word of Jameson’s need. Despite being completely caught off guard, unprepared, and nervous our interview went very well. I had to pull incredible strength from within just to hold it together and not cry. It has not been very easy for me to talk about. I always try to put on a brave face, especially in front of my son.

That Saturday evening KXLY News channel 4 ABC-affiliate and KHQ News channel 6 NBC-affiliate aired our story. Sunday morning we were flooded with well wishers, advice, and kind donations. The overwhelming love and support that came from our community was incredible! One of the most touching donations came from a 6 year boy who told his mom that he wanted Jameson to have $5 from his piggy bank. I had tears in my eyes. Every donation big or small means the world to us! Click on the links below to see the interviews that aired on TV!

Hands For Jameson. and

During Interview


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