Getting Closer

A BIG HUGE thank you to all of you that have donated to Hands For Jameson!!! With your kind donations we have been able to apply $2,151.48 toward our prosthesis bill. His first appointment is now scheduled for the end of November. Just $11,343.54 to go for the first set of Jameson’s “hands”. We feel so blessed to have so many people come forward and want to help our precious little guy! Keep spreading the word. And again, thank you everyone!


One response to “Getting Closer

  1. Okay I just came across your latest post. I can help you. If you would get ahold of me through my personal email instead of this I would appreciate it. I live in Colville but I travel to Spokane daily to go to SCC for Respiratory Care. I have money from a school for special needs kiddos birth to three that I founded and ran for 7 years. I would LOVE to donate to Jameson. 🙂 Please contact me by email. ~Libby


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