Finally Got The Call!

We do not have the entire $13,495.02 and STILL need your help. BUT, thanks to the generosity of Jameson’s kind supporters so far we were able to make a small down payment on the prosthesis bill! This qualified us for his first fitting. We are on our way to Portland Oregon November 26th thru the 29th! So exciting!

Last week I had been in contact with the head billing office asking them to please let Jameson get started (he grows frustrated everyday). I assured them that a payment was on its way. So,we finally got the call and scheduled his first fitting appointment. This will be a 3 day long process, where he will be measured, casted, and put through physical therapy. It’s going to be a long 3 days, not to mention the 7 hour drive each way,but we are looking forward to starting this journey. We’ll do anything to help provide a better life for Jameson. Thanks again for those of you that have donated and those of you who still plan on it!


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