Amazing Determination


Lately, Jameson has been a bit frustrated. Things are not easy for him but he’s been giving it all that he’s got. I watch him in amazement while he tries to reach for toys, grab toys, put EVERYTHING in his mouth, push himself up, hold his bottle. Tasks that would be a piece of cake for a baby with hands. Even though his determination is amazing it still makes me a little sad.


3 responses to “Amazing Determination

  1. You are so blessed to have the privilage of having an amazing little human being in your care each and every day! You as his family must be ppl with great strength and determination yourselves, for sure. I expect to hear of many great accomplishments in the years to come that your son will be recognized for. I pray that your finanical goals are continually reached and your son is able to get the all he needs to be able to live life to the fullest with his family’s love, support and encouragement. Take care and God bless. I hope our small donation helps.My prayers are with your family and your most beautiful child!


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