Helping Hands Needed

I have had a hard time coming to the realization that I will never ever get to hold my child’s little hand in mine. I worry about how he will be able to pick up a spoon, a tooth brush, and someday ride a bike. The list goes on.

These concerns have my husband and me on a very important mission to have Jameson fitted for both lower arm and hand prosthesis. These prosthesis will be a much needed tool to help give him a better chance at a fuller, more “normal” life. Because our son is a bilateral trans-radial congenital amputee (born without fore arms or hands), he will face many, many challenges.


Without having the option for prosthesis, everyday simple tasks will be close to impossible. We realize that children are so very adaptable and he will probably learn how to do some things very well using his feet. This is wonderful, but we wish as his parents to give him the choice to explore all avenues that are available. Modern medicine and today’s technology in prosthesis are extremely advanced. Prosthetic devices available today will give Jameson many benefits including: more independence, less frustration, a better body image, fewer challenges, and a chance to choose how he lives his life.

We have been waiting patiently for several months to receive an appointment for his first fitting at Advanced Arm Dynamics.  Today we are happy to report that that appointment is now right around the corner. Our insurance finally accepted our claim on November 3rd. Unfortunately, the prosthetic company is out of our insurance network and will only cover about 44%. The first set will cost around $25,000. He will need a set every year until he is finished growing and each set will progressively get more expensive. We are unable to finance that kind of treatment, so we need to raise funds in order to complete our mission.  If you would like to help our baby boy, you can make a secured donation to our Hands For Jameson Paypal donation account. Every little bit will help. Thank you.


19 responses to “Helping Hands Needed

  1. I pray that God provides for all of your needs for your adorable little son. What a beautiful boy and he is very loved, which is the greatest gift. I hope my little contribution helps, and I look forward to hearing good things about your son. I have two sons and 6 grandchildren and I have find my richest moments are moments spent with them. I can tell from the way you write about your son, that you cherish him and I hope for you many blessings, pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing. 🙂


  2. Have you ever thought of going to Spokane Guilds School? They do tremendous work with children with all kinds of probems. They help with all the different needs of the families also. I know, because my boy is a graduate of there. I really hope that you will consider going in & getting help for you and your son. God Bless


  3. Hi. I saw this on the news this morning, and as a single mom, I would like to give you a little bit of help for this. In addition, I was talking with my two boys at dinner tonight, Davian who is 6 and Joey who is 13, about our charitable contribution this Christmas. When I told them your story, both of them said to send our holiday donation to you to help your son. Then Davian, who just started kindergarten, said that he wanted to give $5.00 from his piggy bank to you. So, we are sending you $25.00, five of which Davian wanted to donate from his own savings. God bless you and your family this holiday season and we hope to see another news story when Jameson gets his new arms! By the way: have you been in contact with Shriner’s hospital? I have a connection there who would be happy to sponsor you if needed.


  4. I hope you raise all the money you need for your sweet son. I was a little concerned about your address being the source of mailing donations, in part because of mailbox theft, especially at this time of year. It would be nice to get one of the major banks involved for a donation account, or to have donations go to a post office box, where strangers would be less likely to gain access. Just a thought.


    • Thanks Beth, we are accepting donations on my blog as well, through a secured paypal account. I am always home and can see my mail box from my window. I check it as soon as it comes:) And we are in the process of getting a benevolant account set up at our bank for Jameson, it is quite the process. Hopefully it will be available soon.


  5. Your baby boy is adorable! As a mother of three and grandmother of five, I know they are the biggest blessing we can receive. My heart and prayers will continue with you on the journey ahead. God bless your family as you marvel in His gift of Jameson.


  6. So happy to come across your blog via the ICAN (International Child Amputee Network) facebook group. Our son was also born without arms. He is 3, and is learning to do just about everything with his feet. I will be excited to see how your son does with the prosthesis, especially the myoelectric one. Very exciting! We are in Oregon, so it would be great to maybe meet your family in real life some day!


    • Hi April! I am so glad you found us:) I took a look at your blog and it looks like your son is doing great at adapting. What a cute little guy and inspiration to others:) We know that Jameson will probably want to do things with his feet and short arms too, we just want to give him every option we can.


  7. God bless your beautiful baby boy I my Self have a six month old boy and know how a mother feels about their baby but you don’t have to worry about the money cuz there’s a god up there and he is on your side to help you with this matter hope that five hundred could be of good use to you and i’am praying for your family and the baby god bless him he is super cute.


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