Baby’s first Halloween!


2 responses to “Baby’s first Halloween!

  1. You are very indeed BLESSED to have him. God Bless you guys. I have a peace in my ❤ that everything is going to be fine. Challenging yes, but also rewarding beyond your wildest dreams. I feel in my heart as I write this….that God has already given me 2 confirmations that are extremely signifigant for me. I will explain when I see you. My heart hurts for you Brooke that you have had to go thru not only 1, but 2 miscarriages. You & Jimmy are just the cutest couple & it just makes me sad. There are challenges with any children. Some are tougher but this is how God made him for you. I believe the Lord has gifted him with 2 extra guardian angels ( Making the total to 3 G.A's.)…Little Man is destined to be an angel!! God doesn't make mistakes. He is PERFECT & ADORABLE!! I can't wait to see you (been too long) and am excited to meet your baby that you so richly deserve. I Thank God that you were able to make it the entire pregnancy. What a scary time for you. But you better believe that you first 2 babies know who their Mommy & Daddy are! Thats truth right there. My mom lost my brother, Joseph, stillborn at 7 1/2 mths. He is the oldest. Then came us 3 girls. I have always known & felt that my brother is near and watching over me. Thank you for sharing your story Brooke & Jimmy! ❤ Melissa


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